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Hydration Guide

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When you’re out and about, especially when hiking, climbing, running, biking or even just hanging out in the campground, proper hydration is important.

Here are some guidelines that will assist you to plan your next adventure:

✓ A general rule of thumb is to drink 2 cups of water for each         hour of moderate hiking in           

   moderate temperatures.

✓ For higher intensity hikes or if temperatures are high, you will       need to increase your water 

   consumption to 4 cups or more per hour and you may have to       supplement with electrolytes.



✓ As a general rule, an average adult weighing 155–160       pounds should drink 2 cups of water per hour of cycling in   moderate temperatures. 

✓ On hotter days, it is best to drink at least 2 cups of water 1-2 hours before starting your ride, and on intense rides you may need to drink two four 16-ounce bottles per hour of riding.

✓ Electrolytes are a must and can be had separately or mixed in with your water.
✓ Drink before you get thirsty. Sip on the water and the electrolyte drink as you go. 




✓ If you’re going on a short run, say 30- 45 minutes, you may be   able to not drink water till you get back. But, if it’s on a hot day   or you tend to sweat a lot, it is not a bad idea to carry a water   bottle with you.

✓ For longer runs, or if running in hot weather, it is better to start   hydrated by having at least 2 cups of water 1-2 hours before   going on a run.

✓ Drink water while running, taking a few long sips of water   (about 1 cup) every 10-20 minutes.

✓ Drinking after a long run and supplementing with electrolytes   will help you recover faster. Have at least 1-2 cups of water   within 30 minutes of completing your run. For intense, longer   distance runs, a rule of thumb is to have 2-3 cups of water for   every pound lost running.

Plan your Route

Water weighs in at around 1 pound per 16 fluid ounces, so if you want to avoid carrying extra weight on a hike, run or bike
ride, plan your route to go in loop from your vehicle or your camp site.

You can then stop at your car or tent to refill your water bottle from EZPack’s JerryFlex™ or Water Storage Bladder, while also having your favorite snack.



 You need at least 1 gallon of water per person per day to drink while camping.

✓ Don’t forget to also bring a few gallons for all of   the other things that require water, such as cooking or washing hands.

✓ Getting some large water containers can make it a lot easier. Research the camping spot you are going to beforehand to see if there is a water source, otherwise you will need to come with your own water reservoir, especially when boon docking.

 EZPack’s 10- and 25-gallon Water Storage Bladders should give you plenty of water for a 4- 6-person family going camping for a long weekend.

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    Whatever you do - have fun, stay safe and remember to hydrate.       EZPack’s water storage container will ensure that you have plenty of    Fresh Tasting Water – Any  time, Anywhere!

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