Q :How long will the water stay fresh once I fill up the water storage bladders or JerryFlex™ containers?

A: It is very much related to the water used to fill the bladder. All water supplies contain some biological elements, which vary between locations, even in the same area. Additives are available online that can be added to the water to maintain its freshness over long periods of time. Please refer to the manufacturer's information regarding their performance. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Q: Can the liners be cleaned and re-used?

A: You can try to clean the liner using various commercially available cleaning materials and following the manufacturer's recommended procedure. Please note that re-using the liner multiple times may result in odors due to bacteria or other biological elements that cannot be completely removed. For fresh tasting water we recommend replacing the liner.

Q: How do I secure the water bladder or JerryFlex™ to my truck or other vehicle?

A: The Water Storage Bladders have a carrying strap attached to all four corners. We recommend using these straps to attach the bladder and secure it in place using ropes or other fasteners. JerryFlex has adjustable straps that can be used to strap it in place in the back of a truck or to hang it from the side or back of an ATV or other off-road vehicle.

Q: How often it is recommended to replace the JerryFlex™ inserts?

A: While EZPack's water storage bladders provide one the ability to change out the insert after each use, we leave it to each individual to decide what works best for them. So, the answer is: "it depends"...

If you care about having the cleanest and best tasting water, we recommend replacing the insert after each use. This becomes even more important in warmer and hot weather, when bacteria and mold can grow more quickly, creating unwanted odors and in some cases even make you sick.

If pristine water is not the objective, but you still want to minimize bacteria and other pathogens, especially when away on a longer trip, you could stash away the 'empties' and once back home, clean and disinfect them more thoroughly than you could in a campsite setting. Make sure they are completely dry, before storing them away for your next trip.

Depending how often you use the JerryFlex during the season, you can then replace the insert with a new one every so often or at the end of the season, so you can start the next season with a new one.

Q: Can the water bladders handle being frozen?

A: The water bladder is made out of materials that can handle freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, we recommend not filling it entirely (up to 90%), in order to leave room for the extra volume taken up by the ice as the water freezes.

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