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Patented Dual Layer Water Storage Containers - No Cleaning Required! Fresh Tasting Water - Any time, Anywhere!

EZPack® water storage products were created to keep your water supply tasting fresh and clean, whether away from home or in your own backyard.


  •  No cleaning required; No Bacteria; No Mold:   Simply change out the liner in no time!

  •  Made from military grade materials - rugged   all the way!

  •  Just fill it with your garden hose - No pump   required

  •  Fold it or roll it up and store it away 


JerryFlex™ or Water Storage Bladders are great for Camping, Off-Roading, ATV, RV Trips, Boondocking, Boating or as your Water Refill Station when Hiking, Biking or on a Job Site.


Pack your Hydration!


Watch the Video to Experience the EZPack® Advantage!

Disaster Preparedness Kit

JerryFlex™ and EZPack® Water Storage Bladders make great additions to your disaster preparedness kit. Whether you fill one of these with water and keep it in your home for when the next earthquake hits, or fill them

ahead of an approaching hurricane or tornado coming your way, you will be ready and feel safer with a water supply nearby.

Various container sizes are available to accommodate different needs, whether you plan to keep your emergency water supply in your apartment, home, garage or vehicle. And, when not in use, they fold to a small package that can easily be stored away.



Shelly Miller

"We were going to the high desert on the weekend with our ATVs and to camp during the weekend. We brought both jerry flex and a bladder so we had plenty of water for the campsite and for the rides. JerryFlex was holding on strong to the ATVs and the bladder was easy to carry thanks to the heavy duty straps. Best purchase for the outdoors by far"

J'uan Hernandez

"I bought two 50 gallon bladders 6 months ago. I'm a contractor and some of our job sites have no water and with 18 employees on site working in the sun, we need plenty of water and I always bring extra.  I also had an experience lending a bladder to a family. We broke their water line by mistake , gave them a bladder they loved it!"

Linda Chow

"We were camping at Sequoia at the beginning of last summer and took a 2.5 gallon jerryflex with us to the beautiful Alta Peak trail. It was so easy to carry, we added some ice cubes with us from Lodgepole Market and had fresh cool water that lasted all day."


EZPack® water storage containers are made out of FDA approved, food grade materials, with no BPA.


Replacing liners prevents the usage of chemicals or cleaning solutions used to sterilize them, eventually finding their way into our water supply or oceans.

Using our JerryFlex™ or Water Storage Bladder as a hydration and refill station when out and about could prevent the use of countless plastic water bottles over their life time. No more discarded bottles left behind and no plastic bottles piling up in landfills.

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